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Christmas Advent Calendar Refill


It’s that merry time of year again which means it’s time to refill your Christmas Advent Calendars! With three designs and four flavours, there’s more choice than ever! 24 treats in your chosen flavour, plus a special cheese and oat iced star for Christmas Day, all individually wrapped to eliminate crumb build up in the fabric calendar pockets.


** All advent calendars and refills ordered before 10th November will be posted to arrive on or before December 1st to ensure maximum freshness, if a different date is required please advise in the date selection and add a note on the checkout page. Any orders placed after this date are NOT guaranteed to arrive before December 1st! Please remove all packaging before feeding. As always if your dog has an allergy please contact us before ordering! **


Peanut Butter & Carob

Composition: Biscuit (Plain 100% wholemeal plain flour, peanut butter(100% crushed peanuts), rapeseed oil. carob powder)

Typical individual biscuit weighs approx. 15g

Analytical Constituents (%) per 100g

Crude Protein – 17.2

Crude Fibre – 2.2

Ash – 1.8

Total Oil – 23.73

Cheeze & Oat

Composition: Biscuit (Plain 100% wholemeal plain flour, dairy-free cheese, oats, dairy free margarine, rapeseed oil)

Analytical Constituents (%) per 100g

Crude Protein – 10.1

Crude Fibre – 2.2

Ash – 1.8

Total Oil – 23.95

Testing carried out at a UKAS approved laboratory.

Shelf Life & Storage: Please store your biscuits in an air tight container, in a cool dry place. Best before date will be approximately 5 weeks from delivery.

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